Does Removing a Mole Decrease Skin Cancer Risks?

Does Removing a Mole Decrease Skin Cancer Risks?

One of the most talked about risks for developing skin cancer besides excessive exposure to the sun is having moles. Many people are afraid that because they have moles they are at a higher risk for skin cancer.

It is true that having more than the average amount of moles, or having atypical moles (dysplastic nevi or moles larger than a pencil eraser) does increase your risk for skin cancer it’s not all that comes into play and there are steps you can take to decrease certain risk factors you have.

While you cannot change your skin type (fair, medium, or dark skinned,) your family history of skin cancer, or reverse the sunburns you’ve had in the past you can take safe, effective steps and decrease your risk.

One of course is limiting your exposure to the sun, especially during the hottest part of the day. But if you’re concerned with having a large number of moles or atypical moles is there anything you can do?

It is important to explore all of the all natural mole removal methods out there, weigh the pro’s and con’s of removing the mole or moles, consult with a health care professional about the moles of concern, and then choose the method that you think will be best for you. (Remember, once the mole is gone the newly exposed skin will be sensitive to the sun too so protect it especially in the beginning.)

Many of the all natural mole removal methods and products on the market today are extremely effective in safely removing moles without leaving scars or producing nasty side effects.

If you are concerned about moles increasing your risks of skin cancer there is something you can do. While you can’t change many of your risk factors this is one you can change. With proper research, valid information, and diligence you can remove your moles and decrease your risk for developing skin cancers.

I have personally struggled with moles and skin cancer and I’m only 25. Moles and skin cancer are risks for any age group and should always be checked out by a medical practitioner on a frequent basis. I am trying as best as possible to get more information out there about moles and their treatment. Either by a qualified dermatologist or with natural methods that you can do at home.

Does Removing a Mole Decrease Skin Cancer Risks?

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