Dog Skin Cancer – Catch it Early Enough to Be Treated

Dog Skin Cancer – Catch it Early Enough to Be Treated

For people who love dogs, your furry friend is like a member of the family. You want to take great care of him and make sure his health is at optimal levels just as you would for your other relatives. Because dogs are covered in hair, you may not immediately notice skin changes or even smaller tumors, but these can be deadly things for a dog if they are left unchecked. Did you know that canines can develop dog skin cancer from being exposed to the sun just like people can? Although they are covered in hair, they have areas such as their paws and nose which are exposed.

Not all types of dog skin cancer are caused by the sun, however. There are dog melanomas and mast cell tumors which are fatal if they are not treated in time. Malignant melanomas are very fast growing tumors that are often hard to catch in time. They can spread to the dog’s organs rather quickly. There are, of course, benign tumors as well.

Squamous cell carcinomas are another form of dog skin cancer which occurs in the epidermis. They are normally causes from sun exposure. They do not spread to lymph nodes, but they are very aggressive and can destroy tissue around the tumor.

Mast cell tumors happen in the mast cells of a dog’s immune system. They are by far the most common skin tumors that a canine will experience. Doctors do not know why these mast cell tumors develop, but it is thought that it could be linked to irritants on the skin.

No one wants to see their beloved best friend fight dog skin cancer, however if you pay close attention to your dog’s skin you can hopefully catch it early enough to be treated. Just as humans must examine their bodies on a regular basis, you should do the same for your furry friend.

Dog Skin Cancer – Catch it Early Enough to Be Treated

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