What is Breast Cancer?

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is a sickness where in the cancer cells became abnormal, in this manner, cancer cells immediately grow and divide speedily than the healthy cells. Tumors are some cancer cells that form growths. Some tumors immediately grow, and sizes of tumors are all increasing. Through the blood and the lymph systems, a cancer cell has the ability to be spread to other body parts, which is called the metastasis.

If the cancer starts at the breast, then it is called a breast cancer, and it can also be found in a mammogram, this is if a woman feels a lump on her breast or by the doctor’s examination. It is very important to do monthly self breast exams, and if you are over 40 years of age, it is necessary to have a yearly check up to your doctor or a mammogram each year because breast cancer is prone to women with such age, not unlike with younger women, check ups are done less. Why is this so? Well, it is because after menopause, breast may either be lumpy or firm if you feel it, a woman who is already menopause has lesser estrogen, so that means breast will feel much softer and will be less lumpy.

The lumpy and firm tissue can actually hide a lump that is small to make it hard to feel. You will be familiar with your breast’s tissue if you do the breast checking every month and you will also notice the changes that may occur in your breast. Small lumps are found in a mammogram or by a doctor’s examination and some lumps are so small that only a mammogram can detect.

Ducts and lobes, these are breasts are made of. Each of the breasts has 15-20 sections or most commonly known in the medical field as lobes, that has many sections which are smaller; which is known as the lobules. These lobules have dozens of tiny bulbs which produces milk. Then the ducts are the one that links the lobes, lobules and the bulbs.
The breast has blood vessels and lymph vessels as well.

The one that carry an almost colorless fluid which is called the lymph is the lymph vessels, and then these lymph vessels lead to lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are a small bean shaped structures that are found all over the body. The lymph node organs filter the substances in a fluid which is called the lymph that helps fight diseases and infections. The clusters of lymph nodes are found under the arm called the axilla which is near the breast, in the chest above the collarbone.

Ductal carcinoma is the most common type of breast cancer, and this kind of cancer begins in the cells of the ducts. While the lobular carcinoma is a cancer that begins in the lobes or the lobules, unlike any other types of breast tumors or cancer, the cancer of this kind is more often found in both breasts. And the uncommon type of breast cancer which gives the warm, red and swollen texture of the breast is called the inflammatory breast cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

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