2 Nutritional Items That Prevent Skin Cancer

2 Nutritional Items That Prevent Skin Cancer

Not everybody has a tough hide, this is evident by the number of skin cancer cases that pass through the doctors offices each year. Although early detection has decreased the fatal blow that cancer can have, prevention can always advert any further complications. Read further to find out a few preventative nutrients for skin cancer.

The most common antioxidant that has a general well being affect on the spread of cancer cells is vitamin C. It is because of the toxin removal that the white cells can better attack cancer cells and prevent them from spreading. There are other nutrients that have an affect on the battle against skin cancer.

These two are:

Curcumin – this is found in the spice turmeric. This has been found to kill melanoma cells on contact.
Resveratrol – mostly advertised as an anti aging nutrient. Now has surfaced as a skin protector against UVA rays.

The problem when trying to get the facts about these nutrients is the studies. Since you can’t patent these nutrients the drug manufactures have no interest in studying there effects. This leaves it up to independent universities or other places that might have questionable results.

We rely on the good reputation of long time supplement makers to supply us with results and feedback from their customers. This in conjunction with their own laboratory studies done by independent agencies. You can feel safe knowing that most supplements, especially the ones mentioned above, have a long history of being safe and useful.

Comparing what nature has provided against the side effects of man made synthetic drugs, you can be assured that most nutrients have benefits to human health. To explore more options for skin cancer.

2 Nutritional Items That Prevent Skin Cancer

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