If You Don’t Check These Skin Cancer Signs Now, You’ll Regret it Later

If You Don’t Check These Skin Cancer Signs Now, You’ll Regret it Later

The sun has become dangerous, and everybody is aware that they should protect themselves from it. Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don’t stay too long in the sun during times of day when it is most dangerous. Everybody knows that part. But there is another important part to this equation. You must check yourself for skin cancer signs, on a regular basis. Even people who do they best to keep from the sun and its harmful rays, might get skin cancer. So, just a couple of quick looks at your body can help you detect skin cancer early.

Observing all the beauty marks you have will be a good place to start. A Healthy beauty mark in one that has clearly defined borders and is symmetrical. If you are over 20, you should have a pretty good idea on where and how many beauty marks you have. New ones usually don’t show up regularly, so if they do, here’s one warning sign. Here are 5 more signs of skin cancer that you should look for in each of you beauty marks:

1. Asymmetry – when a beauty mark starts to look asymmetrical, it might indicate cancer has started developing. The best way to tell is just compare one half of the beauty mark to the second half to see if there these are fairly symmetric, and then repeat the process while looking from a different angle. This is usually easily detected, so if you didn’t see anything- you’re good.

2. Undefined borders – Healthy beauty marks are clearly defined. You can see where it starts and where it ends. If the mark started to spread or now has a slightly smudged border, than a doctor should look at it. When you start regularly looking and examining your marks, you’ll be able to see in seconds if anything changed.

3. Changes of color – Most marks have different shades of brown. All shades can belong to a healthy beauty mark, as long as this color doesn’t change.

4. Increasing diameter- this sign you can observe when you start conduction regular checkups.

5. Bleeding – any bleeding that is not a direct result of a cut, should be a warning sign. This is even truer when referring to bleeding of marks.

Skin cancer has many symptoms, causes and types, but this simple checkup can significantly reduce the chance skin cancer will develop without you noticing it. Early detection can definitely save you.

If You Don’t Check These Skin Cancer Signs Now, You’ll Regret it Later

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