Breast Cancer – Estrogen Positive

Breast Cancer – Estrogen Positive

Estrogen has numerous different functions; consist of assisting you grow dense, physically powerful bones. It’s good to have strong bones, but it’s best not to have the breast-cell development stimulation that goes along with the higher estrogen levels.

A number of studies have demonstrated that elderly women with high bone mineral density have an increased risk of breast cancer, especially advanced cancer. This has caused rumors concerning dense breasts and dense bones leading to breast cancer. But it’s not the extra thickness of the breasts or the thickness of the bones that leads to an increased risk of breast cancer. Relatively high estrogen levels in the body possibly create all three things: denser breasts, stronger bones, and a higher risk of breast cancer.

Your doctor will order a hormone receptors assay, a test to see if the cancer is sensitive to estrogen and progesterone. If a tumor is estrogen-receptor positive (ER-positive), it is more probable to develop in a high-estrogen environment. ER-negative tumors are typically not influenced by the levels of estrogen and progesterone in your body. This is one time when hearing the word “positive” might really mean something good.

ER-positive cancers are more probable to respond to anti-estrogen therapies. If you have an ER-positive cancer, you might respond well to tamoxifen, a drug that runs by blocking the estrogen receptors on the breast tissue cells and slowing their estrogen-fuelled development. A study advocates that Herceptin might be helpful regardless of your ER/PR status.

Your breast cancer cells could be tested to observe if they have ‘hormone receptors’ or biological therapy receptors. There are oestrogen receptors and progesterone receptors. You might hear your doctor talk regarding ‘your oestrogen receptor status’, ‘ER status’ or ‘PR status’. At times, doctors might say you are ‘ER positive’ or ‘ER negative’.

Women who haven’t had their menopause before being diagnosed with breast cancer are still producing oestrogen. If you have an ER positive cancer, then oestrogen could encourage the breast cancer cells to develop. Consequently doctors advocate treatment to stop oestrogen production. They call this ovarian ablation. There are a variety of ways of doing it. To stop your ovaries working enduringly, you might have Chemotherapy or Surgery to get rid of your ovaries.

Breast Cancer – Estrogen Positive

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