Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer – How to Detect Breast Cancer at Its Early Stage

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer – How to Detect Breast Cancer at Its Early Stage

Breast cancer is one of the top ten cancers plaguing women all over the world. The risk of getting this disease is higher as one becomes older. Unlike other cancers, however, detecting early symptoms of breast cancer is easier.

It’s always important to arm yourself with the proper knowledge. To help protect yourself, be aware if you’re experiencing any of these early symptoms of breast cancer:

1) Tenderness in the Breast

While most women experience tenderness in the breast during their monthly cycle, it’s not natural at all during the rest of her regular days. If you find yourself having to deal with this, perhaps it’s time for a mammogram.

2) Unusual Lump in the Breast

One of the most common early symptoms of breast cancer is the presence of an unusual lump in the breast. Women have been taught to give themselves a self-breast exam, to feel for any bump inside the breast or even the armpit. This lump might be benign or malignant. However, it’s not a good idea to take chances. Have it checked immediately.

3) Discharge from the Nipple

During the first few stages of breast cancer, you might notice a strange discharge from your nipple. This could either be bloody, yellow or greenish. Whatever color it might be, it is imperative that you go see a doctor at once. Breast cancer can progress very quickly; so the earlier you see a doctor, the better.

4) Swelling of the Breast

Similar to tenderness of the breast, this sort of thing might naturally occur in women during the days of her cycle. This is another reason why doctors encourage the practice of a monthly self-breast exam. This way, you will be able to see just how much of a difference there is in your breast size, and get a check-up immediately if you notice any of the early symptoms of breast cancer.

5) Change in Texture

Doing monthly self exams also help you determine any change in your breast’s texture. Be on the lookout for skin that has redness or skin that is dimpling. Be very sensitive to retraction of the nipple or the occurrence of a peau’d orange. A peau’d orange refers to a breast that resembles the skin of an orange.

When there is something wrong, your body will tell you in the form of symptoms. So don’t take these early symptoms of breast cancer for granted. Remember, your health is at stake here. Prevention is better than cure.

Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer – How to Detect Breast Cancer at Its Early Stage

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