Hormone Driven Invasive Breast Cancer

Hormone Driven Invasive Breast Cancer

Is there such thing as hormone driven invasive breast cancer?

At present, the number of breast cancer patients have drastically reduced in the US and some experts say that this was due to the reduction of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use.

In the United States, hormone replacement therapy is quite popular. HRT and mammography are chosen by the individuals themselves and certain factors influence the choice they make.

In some countries, mammogram is administered in state levels and it is already considered a routine activity especially among women aged 40 years and older. Women who take HRTs also get their medicines through prescriptions.

The relationship between HRT and breast cancer is still not yet established. The evident reason behind it is probably the lack of worldwide coverage. The data collected are often limited in some states or countries only. Other countries don’t gather info as to the number of hormone replacement therapy prescriptions and breast cancer patients.

In the US, there was a considerable drop of breast cancer patients. Many women (and men) are now aware of the disease and so they undergo mammography every month. Some of them also made lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing such an illness. Physical exercise also plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy body and since many individuals are now more concerned about their body’s health, the incident of cancer also decreased. Estrogen metabolism is also affected by exercise. Some say that endogenous estrogens influence the breast cancer receptors. HRT provides exogenous estrogens and not endogenous estrogens. Indeed, further studies should be conducted in establishing the relationship of breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy.

Perhaps some of the studies were only able to show that HRT increases the density of the breast and it also reduces mammography’s sensitivity. Since a large percentage of the population is now undergoing mammography, there will be fewer people who will utilize it. Breast cancer patients will definitely decrease because the disease is detected early through mammography. Some cases are even identified before they cross any clinical threshold.

Still, hormone replacement has something to do with the increased risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, HRT is already included in the list of the possible causes. But if today’s medical experts want to prove the exact relationship of the reduction of such prescriptions and breast cancer patients, they will need to gather more pertinent data.

For now, people should make the necessary lifestyle changes since cancer has a lot to do with nutrition and lifestyle. By maintaining an active and healthy body, it can be prevented. There is also increased awareness about this disease these days because of the joint efforts of cancer survivors. More and more people are able to prevent its development through early detection and by gradually introducing lifestyle changes.

Hormone Driven Invasive Breast Cancer

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