Breast Cancer – How to Know If You Have Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer – How to Know If You Have Breast Cancer

One of the major killers of women all over the world is breast cancer. While its cause is not yet established, it is agreed and proven that factors such as your body size, age, level of alcohol and fat content can make you contract the disease. So, in order to avoid it, it s highly advisable for you to lose weight, reduce your alcohol consumption, engage in exercise and avoid at all cost fatty foods.

Changes in the size of the breast is one of the features of breast cancer. However, this does not mean that you have the disease when there is a drastic change in the size of your breast. This is why it is essential to see a doctor when you notice a change in the size of your breast. Don’t jump into conclusion and panic yet that it is breast cancer. Let the doctor be the judge of that.

Ignorance is very costly when it comes to the issue of breast cancer. You should not be ignorant about the disease. It is even advisable that you read everything out there on the subject. According to statistics, it is estimated that cancer of the breast affects one out of every eleven women in the world. This is why you should not treat the subject with kid’s gloves.

One of the steps to quickly detecting the presence of cancer in your breast is a regular examination of your breast. How? You need to examine it for limps and irregular shape and size. This approach may not be very effective for breasts that has undergone augmentation or implantation as lumps cannot be easily detected in such breast as a result of alteration of the breast. This is why you should not go for breast reform that will make detection of lumps impossible.

It is believed that breast cancer is related to the level and production of some hormones in the body. If this is true, then it means that receiving hormone therapy can cause hormonal imbalance that can consequently lead to breast cancer. However, you should realize that going for hormone therapy is still relevant in the treatment of ailments such as depressions. In such cases, it is highly advisable that you receive your therapy from a professional.

Breast Cancer – How to Know If You Have Breast Cancer

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