Avoid Excess Sun Exposure, Avoid Skin Cancer

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure, Avoid Skin Cancer

It is not possible to stay indoors all the time and avoid the sun altogether, though that would increase your chances of not getting skin cancer. But, people need the sun and the outdoors, as in moderation, it is a health infusing thing to get some sunshine and physical outdoor activity. However, when that is taken to the excessive degree, it can not only be dangerous but potentially and ultimately harmful and fatal. In fact, too much sun exposure can distort the cells in your body, thereby improving your likelihood of getting skin cancer. Once you get skin cancer, that opens the door to a host of other diseases and cancers, all of which can end up taking your life if you are not careful.

When you go out in the sun, there are precautions that you must take, and precautions that you must make your children take so that you all can get the best out of the sun but not so much that it will kill you later. So, always protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun by using sun screen that has a high SPF protection. Sometimes you really have to check the label because sunscreens can be deceptive, but usually you can find ones that are fortified with the right kind of protection.

Also, you want to make sure that you try to wear long sleeves or pants. You can wear light colors and sheer materials, of course, if the heat is bad, but covering up at all to prevent the direct rays of sun to hit your skin is an important way to keep yourself safe and protected. Also, wear large brimmed hats or scarves to cover your head and face. Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes, as too much sun exposure can cause your eyes to develop various health problems, as well. It is important that you consider all the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun and never take lightly the detrimental effects of too much sun on your body.

Be aware that the hottest hours of the day occur between ten in the morning till sunset, so try to not do your most physical excursions and outdoor activities during that time if it can be avoided. That is when the sun is most potent and that is why it is better to take your runs or do your biking after the sun is setting or before ten in the morning so that you do not get the harsh influence of the sun’s dangerous rays.

Additionally, you can get skin cancer and be at risk for a number of diseases if you tan a lot or frequent tanning salons and tan beds. These places have harsh UV rays as well, chemically induced, but still strong enough to distort your cells and cause you to experience potential cancerous effects. Doing any kind of activity where UV rays hit your body and chemicals have the ability to mutate your cells puts you at high risk of getting cancer, particularly skin cancer, which then can spread to other parts of your body, infecting your organs, your stomach, and various other parts till you have cancer in many other parts of your body.

Avoid Excess Sun Exposure, Avoid Skin Cancer

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