Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer, Are Consequences Worth It?

Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer, Are Consequences Worth It?

If you are like most people ages 15 to 40 you are probably starting your tanning routine now in the dead of winter. Tanning beds and skin cancer are hot topics debated often between experts and scientists. There are those that do not think tanning beds are direct causes of skin cancer, and there are those that think that they are.

When you lie in a tanning bed you might feel like you are lying on the beach, and can imagine the warm sun caressing your skin with its remarkable warmth. If you are like some adults who are addicted to the tanning bed, then you probably have a year round package, and spend every day alternating between stand up beds, and regular beds. You probably spend a small fortune on tanning oils and lotions to get the most out of your tan. Will you pay for this luxury in the long run? Let’s look at the facts about skin cancer, and you can be the judge.

There is something people just do not like about light skin. They feel transparent when they do not have a tan. Are tanning beds the cause of skin cancer? Do they contribute to over 2000 skin cancer deaths every year in America? The answer is perhaps. When you look at the fact that people who tan indoors as contrasted to outdoors have over a 70% chance of developing skin cancer, it makes a pretty big case against the safety of tanning salons.

So I ask a person that visits a salon every day, is it worth it? Sure you look fantastic; I will not deny you that. The tan really sets off that cute beach outfit you are planning to wear. At what cost do you achieve that bronzed glowing skin? It can cost you your youth, your health, and in some cases your life. Nothing is as valued as life, so if you can avoid a deadly disease why wouldn’t you. I know this is a divisive issue; there have been much disagreement over the issue of to tan or not to tan. Some people will flat-out say, I do not care if I get cancer, no one lives forever. That is like saying I do not care if I smoke, I look and feel good while I am doing it.

Tanning beds are all glitz and glamor on when you hear about them in Hollywood. Lots of stars there are loyal tanning bed visitors. The truth is you are still putting yourself in direct contact with lots of harmful UVB rays. While the tanning beds do have less UVB rays then the sun, you are still not protected from getting skin cancer. There are UVA rays being emitted all over your body anytime you are in the tanning bed. UVA rays may not cause you to burn, but they penetrate deeper into your body then UVB rays. They cause damage from the inside out. You should consider the risks when you buy a tanning package.

Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer, Are Consequences Worth It?

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