Does Vitamin D Fight Skin Cancer?

Does Vitamin D Fight Skin Cancer?

Researchers have been studying the benefits of vitamin D in fighting several types of cancers; such as colon, prostate and breast cancers. However, Vitamin D and skin cancer have a very interesting relationship since vitamin D is only produced naturally when our skin is exposed to the sun.

While there isn’t a cure for any cancer at this time, there are numerous vitamins and nutrients that can lower the risks of getting cancer to begin with. Over the past few years, researchers have been studying the effects of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays an important part in our bodies ability to strengthen bones and muscles, our nerves need it to send signals throughout the body, and most importantly, our immune system uses vitamin D to fight off viruses and bacteria. There is currently no solid link of vitamin D fighting any of these types of cancers, it plays a part in lowering the risks of contracting them.

Vitamin D is created in our bodies through the skin. When direct sunlight hits the skin, it helps to synthesize the production of Vitamin D. This creates an interesting problem. We know there is a connection between too much exposure to the suns ultra violet rays and developing skin cancer over time. So the one way we can naturally produce Vitamin D to help prevent other cancers is the same process that contributes to us contracting another type of cancer.

An alternative is to take Vitamin D supplements or consume fortified foods such as milk and cereals. We’re better to protect our skin from the harm of the sun by using sun screens. Not only does this avoid the long term risk of skin cancer, but it prevents the short term trouble of painful sunburns. If you are staying out of the sun, but not consuming any Vitamin D, be mindful of any Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.3

Does Vitamin D Fight Skin Cancer?

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