Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

If a person had already had breast cancer, the chances of recurrence is very high.

A family history of the condition indicates a higher risk of the person developing breast cancer.

A person who is above the age of thirty is subjected to the risk of developing breast cancer more.

African American women are more subjected to the early diagnosis of this cancer. i. e American women have more chances of developing this cancer.

Women who begin their menstrual cycle before they are twelve years old and have their menopause around fifty five years are more subjected to this condition.

But if a woman carries her entire pregnancy at a very young age, she is less susceptible to breast cancer due to the change so of the hormones during pregnancy.

A woman who is susceptible to high levels of radiation may develop the breast cancer than those who are not susceptible.

Use of excessive quantities of alcohol can trigger breast cancer. Similarly, use of overcooked meat which causes an exposure to the heterocyclic amines can trigger breast cancer.


The symptoms associated with breast cancer are:

1. a lump in the breast
2. blood streaked discharges from the nipples
3. selling or lumps in the armpits
4. change in shape and size of the breasts
5. the breast skin starts dimpling
6. rashes on the nipple
7. pain of the breasts
8. paining of the armpits


The tests which are useful to diagnose the presence of breast cancer are:

1. Blood tests fro assessing the overall health.
2. Mammogram for getting a view of the interior of the breast
3. Ultrasound scanning of the breasts, in case the breast is very dense.
4. Biopsy for confirmation
5. CT scan and MRI for detailed pictures of the interior of the body.
6. Scanning of the bones to check the spread of the cancer into the bones.

Some of the following tests help in determining the specific treatment types:

1. The hormone receptor test and
2. The HER2 test.


The following options are available for the treatment of a person suffering from breast cancer:

The surgery may be a breast conserving surgery or a mastectomy. A breast conserving surgery is performed in a woman when she suffers from cancer in its initial stages. The tumour along with some tissues that surround the tumour is removed. The major aim of this type of surgery is to conserve the breast as much as possible. Mastectomy is done in cases where the entire breast including the nipple is removed. Mastectomy is performed if the infection has spread to the lymph nodes or the chest muscles.

Chemotherapy is performed to destroy the cancerous cells which remain even after the surgery.

Radiotherapy is done to reduce the chances of the recurring of the cancer.

Breast Cancer

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