The Relationship of Odor and Skin Cancer

The Relationship of Odor and Skin Cancer

A new study has exposed that skin odor can be employed to recognize basal cell cancer, the most widespread type of skin cancer.

The skin of human being gives rise to various airborne chemical particles called as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and almost all of them are scented. The study actually took place when doctors got the VOC reports from patients suffering from basal cell cancer and evaluated them with the reports of healthy people.

It was concluded that both had the same arrangement of substances. The only dissimilarity found was the quantity of those definite substances. Some samples had increased and others had decreased amount of these substances from basal cell carcinoma sites.

Now, this had led to further investigations in researching and distinguishing skin odor reports with other kinds of skin cancer.

Researchers further came across more than hundred diverse chemical substances coming from skin. Growing old had no effect on kinds of VOCs detected in the reports of the human body, but, it only affected the amount of few chemical substances. These substances existed in larger quantities in younger people than in older ones. This research was done by taking odor samples from both men and women and was taken from different areas of the human body.

These studies had extensive repercussions. These researches may aid in developing innovative ways to examine skin for signals of varied health conditions. It is believed that such extensive researching of the chemical substances associated with skin odor could also guide to growth of more effectual anti-aging skin care merchandise.

The Relationship of Odor and Skin Cancer

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