Breast Cancer Symptoms Guide

Breast Cancer Symptoms Guide

Breast cancer is probably the most common cancer affecting women. One must recognise this fact, even if the risk to men is minimal. This is very true when it concerns women. In this article, you will be introduced to this type of cancer, as well as the symptoms that are involved when it comes to breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Explained

Breast cancer is essentially a case of unusual growth that happens principally in the breasts of a person. Changes in breast size is perfectly normal and common for women on a monthly basis due to their natural menstrual cycle. When examining your breasts, you may feel a ball or clump in them. It’s likely that many of these are not harmful at all, however, there still exists the possibility that some may carry cancer. The danger is that if one of these lumps is actually cancerous, then it could potentially mestastisize to other regions of the body. This means that it can spread. The lymphatic system and the bloodstream are the 2 mediums through which cells from the breasts travel to other regions of the body. There have been cases where the spread has been quite slow, and there have been others where this spread has been pretty fast.

The Symptoms of Cancer in the Breasts

You may have heard medical experts say on various occasions that in the early phases of breast cancer, you may not detect any symptoms at all. You may also be aware that the symptoms become more obvious as the cancer advances. You should be able to detect at least one of the following symptoms if you have cancer:

1. One may begin to feel some pain in the breast as well as some soreness.

2. Discharge from your breasts may be one of the symptoms and this may be clear, slightly yellow or even look like blood.

3. A change in breast size may indicate cancer, but there may also be other changes relating to the texture. Another indication is if a breast is very warm to touch.

4. There could be swelling in the breast, or even in the lymph node that is found under the arm. If you discover this type of situation, it is important to understand that this could be a sign that cancer is developing.

5. Many individuals may begin to experience itching, burning, and even physical ulcerations on the skin of the breasts.


There is not just one type of breast cancer, there are various. Furthermore, there are various physical signs that show that cancer has begun developing. It’s very important that you examine your breast correctly and on a regular basis. Once to twice a month is typically appropriate. Keeping an eye out for the symptoms listed in this article could possibly save your life. Hence, you should not hesitate in calling a doctor if any of the above symptoms present themselves.

Breast Cancer Symptoms Guide

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