Treatments for Skin Cancer

Treatments for Skin Cancer

The aim of treatment is to remove the cancerous cells or tumors that are present into the skin. The operation of cancerous cells of the skin is easier and does not require any incisions or excisions as required for the other surgeries. There are two types of skin treatment i.e. localized treatment. Systematic treatment. The localized treatment is given to those patients for whom the infection has spread only to the localized area and the infection has not spread to the other areas. Systematic treatment is adopted by the doctors when the infection of the skin has spread to the other organs or parts. When the infection is really severe then localized treatments do not work out effectively.

The techniques used for treating skin cancer are:

a. Surgery: surgery is more effective to the disease that is not severe. In other words if the skin cancer has not spread to the other parts then surgery is the effective method. The tumorous or cancerous growth is removed. The lesions or the tumors that are developed are extracted through surgical procedures.

b. Radiotherapy: when the infection is severe and the tumors cannot be operated just by a surgery then the method of radiotherapy is used. Either the radiation generating source is kept outside the person’s body or a person is injected. The external radiotherapy works out more effectively for the skin.

c. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a systematic type of treatment where the chemical reagents are inserted insider the body and these substances cause some reactions and destroy the cells inside the body.

The localized treatment is useful for treating the BCC and SCC and melanoma requires systematic treatment.

Frequently doctors do not use one single technique, but uses the combination of two techniques. The cancerous cells are effectively destroyed when two or more methods are used. But there are many side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The cancerous cells are affected and so also the normal cells.

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