Breast Cancer Surgery and Choice

Breast Cancer Surgery and Choice

Your doctor will always discuss the most suitable type of surgery with you anyway, depending on the cancer, its size and its position and you may also be given a choice of breast cancer treatment as well. The treatments actually can have different benefits and obviously different side effects. Research has actually shown that in early breast cancer, lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy is as effective at curing the cancer as mastectomy whether you are using a private breast cancer surgeon or not. Taking the decision of which treatment to use is surely not an easy decision to make. It is important to discuss all options fully with the doctor, breast care nurse, or one of the support organizations so that you feel confident you have made the choice that is right for you.

Women who have had a mastectomy or double mastectomy due to breast cancer are often put through emotional confusion when faced with the prospect of losing such an important part of their breast. But fortunately, cosmetic surgery practices can offer breast cancer patients the chance to recover the confidence they may have lost after the surgery, with natural-looking breast reconstruction using absolutely safe implants.

Breast reconstruction techniques today are so advanced that you can actually conceal a mastectomy, which is great news for breast cancer patients. As research and development continues in that specific field, each new generation sees great progress in the area of breast reconstruction.

A surgeon doing breast reconstruction should completely understand the needs of their clients as a breast cancer patient, and deliver very personal surgical counseling before and after the surgery. The cosmetic surgeon, breast cancer surgeon or oncoplastic breast cancer surgeon and support team will discuss their client’s personal appearance goals in depth before designing your procedure in order to rebuild the breast and restore the shape and size as perfectly as possible.

Modern techniques even now allow for reconstruction of the nipples and aureoles which actually was not possible in the past. While women could be frightened or unsure on how reconstructed breasts might look, surgeons and their staff will always be available to answer questions.

If single mastectomy in only needed, an experienced breast reconstruction team can match the reconstructed breast to your natural one from the beginning. Although there is actually no real guarantee as to the reconstruction potential, you will experience a real improvement in the appearance of your breast.

Breast Cancer Surgery and Choice

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