Skin To Skin With Promotional Products For Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin To Skin With Promotional Products For Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin cancer has two different categories. It can be melanoma or the one that is life-threatening. Second is the non-melanoma which is easy to treat and less deadly. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. This one whole month will surely be flooded with events like information drive and awareness campaigns about this disease. Knowledge is power. No wonder why concerned organizations are using the power of knowledge in order to equip people about the possible diagnosis of such disease. As part of these concerned citizen groups, you should know the tricks to glue these people on their seats and listen to what you would say.

The key to keeping people on events like that is giving promotional products that they can use. These products should be helpful in any aspects of their daily lives. More than that, it should also be a good reminder of the dos and don’ts of skin cancer prevention. Here are some suggested promotional products that you might want to consider.

Sun Screen – Sunscreen is really an important protection that we need to keep our skin protected from the excessive UV rays present in sunlight. Apply generous amount on exposed body parts and you’re ready to bask under the heat of the sun. Sun screen lotions, creams and lip balm would be great to give away especially if has SPF (sun protection factor) rating of 15 and above.

Medical Products and Scrubs – Skin cancer is a medical issue. There are some things that only medical experts can give. In events like information drives, seminars and symposiums, it would be good if you have a credible resource person to talk and answers questions about it. Furthermore, you can also consult these people about the accurate information that can be imprinted on these medical products like medical scrubs, stress balls, pill boxes and pill cutters to name a few.

Umbrella – Umbrella is a promotional product that is not used for rainy days alone. With the optimum protection that it gives, it is also ideal for blocking the sun’s rays from touching the epidermis of our skin. It would work well especially if you have sunscreen lotion applied on skin. This is also a good promotional giveaway in golf tourneys and other outdoor activities like picnic.

Skin To Skin With Promotional Products For Skin Cancer Awareness

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