The Spread Of Breast Cancer

The Spread Of Breast Cancer

There was a time when the main victim of breast cancer was white, well off women. The disease was though to afflict only women in developed societies. Breast cancer may have had a limited range in the past, but today breast cancer is changing. In Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, breast cancer rates are rising at enormous levels.

In the past decade alone, breast cancer rates in these less developed countries have risen as much as seven times. The huge increase in breast cancer rates in less developed countries is quickly putting an end to the well off, white woman stereotype.

By the year 2020, it is estimated that 70% of global breast cancer rates will come from those living in developing countries. Some of the reason for this change is actually because of better sanitation and control of diseases. The technological improvement in these developing countries has extended the life spans of the low and middle class residents.

Since breast cancer affects an older demographic of women, a longer life span is part of the reason why breast cancer rates are rising in developing countries. A further reason why breast cancer rates in developing countries are rising could be because of the spread of western habits. Habits such as fatty diets and lack of exercise may lead to higher breast cancer rates.

The Spread Of Breast Cancer

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