Natural Skin Cancer Treatments

Natural Skin Cancer Treatments

Skin Cancer is never a nice thing to have and the conventional therapy that one is accustomed to with cancer is never something to look forward to. Not only are you uncertain the treatments are not going to work, but besides getting rid of the bad cancerous cell the chemotherapy or radiation will get rid of the good cells as well, almost like cooking your insides.

Besides living off a good diet which will do you the world of good there are treatments that are completely naturally for skin cancer.

Here are some natural cancer treatments that work


This is another natural treatment for cancer which has been proven. You will need to paint a little on the skin twice a day for 5 days and then once for 10 days. It will form a scab, but continue to paint over with the solution.


A paste that you apply to the area that is affected. It is rich in pancreatin, ammonia, aloe vera and urea which are all necessary for treatment. These ingredients work together by breaking up proteins in the cancer cell membranes and therefore killing them.


A variety of mushrooms from Japan, which enhance the immune system.


A healthy diet is essential, containing the essential vitamins necessary to combat the cancer, but if there are not enough vitamins in your diet you will have to take a supplement. The vitamins needed for skin cancer are vitamins C and D. Vegetables like tomatoes and spinach and fruit like berries and apples are fantastic for vitamins.

Natural Skin Cancer Treatments

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