Breast Cancer Symptoms – Things you should know

Breast Cancer Symptoms – Things you should know

Just recently I’ve heard about several cases of Breast Cancer, which has caused me to write about Breast Cancer Symptoms, and things a woman should know about spotting Breast Cancer in the first place.

As with any Cancer early detection gives you a far greater chance of survival, and to make sure you get the right treatment with the right medical personnel.

A lump in the breast or the swelling of the lymph nodes under the arm can mean the onset of breast cancer. But please note at this stage that 9 out of 10 lumps in the breast are usually benign which means they are harmless, and in most cases they turn out to be cysts. (But if you have a lump please get it checked out quickly)

What I should also say at this point is that breast cancer is the second highest cancer to be diagnosed, and the only one that is more prevalent is Skin Cancer.

When cancer starts in the breast a group of malignant cells group together and cause the lump, and like most cancers they can spread very fast. Younger women tend to have the cancer more aggressively, but the most common age group is that of women over 65 years old.

Another thing that did shock me was that men can also get breast cancer, as the make up of the breast is very similar.

The risk factor and things you should know.

One of the first things to think about is your diet, as with the amount of obese people there are now this will put you in the higher risk range. Keep away from saturated fats, and try to maintain a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. (You might even think about drinking Green Tea as the reports are very good with its high level of antioxidants)

Another thing worth knowing, and if you do fall into this category please take extra personal checks is that in a lot of cases breast cancer can run in certain families, and if your Mother, or your Aunt did have cancer it is advisable to keep up regular checks.

Next on this list of does and don’ts is alcohol. The odd drink is OK but if you abuse your body with more than its fair share you will have problems, and the same goes for smoking.

Another thing you should be aware of is radiation, as exposure to radiation can cause a lot of problems. I did read an article some time ago where it was believed that if your house is close to an electric pylon, or a mobile phone mast it can cause cancer. But I have to say at this point that article in question was not conclusive, and that the arguments are probably still going on today.

Things to look out for.

The obvious thing to begin with is to check for lumps in the breast and the under arm. Then check for tenderness in the nipple itself, and make sure that there is no discharge. Some times this can be blood coloured.

Check the shape of the breast and the nipples and note if any they look or feel different. Look for inverted nipples, which have suddenly gone inverted with regard to normal.

One of the most aggressive types of breast cancer is the inflammatory variety where one breast tends to feel hot, and slightly swollen. Usually for this variety if cancer the breast has an orange peel look, and is usually accompanied by swollen lymph glands under the arm. If this is the case please see your Doctor as fast as you can.

Please note that I am not a medical Doctor, or anyway connected to the medical profession, and my interest is purely from knowing others that have suffered and a hope that maybe it will be of use to someone who is worried.

Breast Cancer Symptoms – Things you should know

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