Malignant Melanoma a Horrible Skin Cancer

Malignant Melanoma a Horrible Skin Cancer

Melanoma. The word does not sound like a skin cancer, but yet is the most common among blue eyed blonde individuals. This cancer can leave people looking like they have been attacked. Some have areas of skin gone and they look textured, this all from a skin graft.

Many of us tan in the sun and tan in the tanning salons, we should take into consideration the damage it can do to the body. With the ozone layer thinner in areas it is wise for us to think of protecting our skin. Melanoma being the worse of skin cancers can lead to death. While we bake in the sun, we expose moles to the poison of the suns rays and it can strike cancer into an unlikely mole.

Moles that are variegated in color or black and unsymmetrical should be checked frequently for change by a dermatologist. If there are areas of your back that you cannot see, then go and get it checked by a roommate or a friend. Checking your moles and skins texture frequently can cut down your chances of a severe cancer appearing.

While in the sun, take precaution. There are many sunscreens out there to choose from. Apply to all parts that are exposed to sun. Take precaution on moles. If you have a mole that has been diagnosed with cancer, or has not been removed yet, then cover with a band aid.

The sun is not a friendly sole. It can burn you and give you cancer. Not going out is an answer too. However in this day and age, we have sports, place we go, our lives are filled with being busy. Take precaution and know that you will be safe!

Malignant Melanoma a Horrible Skin Cancer

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