Breast Cancer Therapy – Avoids Stres And Multiplies Consumption Of Vegetable

Breast Cancer Therapy – Avoids Stres And Multiplies Consumption Of Vegetable

Have ever been found patient suffering breast cancer as result of stress suffered. Really stress and there is no cause other. He is not at all has genetic disparity or folks suffering breast cancer. Condition of patient cancer the stays at stadium 2, mean possibility recovers or its(the a spark of life spread still enough lengths. But stress continuous experienced by makes it living on only until year second.

In consequence, stress cannot be paltered. Handling to stress must be done soon possibly, both for the preventing and also therapy for cancer patient. Other risk factor is menstruating at the age of early ( age 11 years downwards). Scientific scanning shows case number of breast cancer would be higher at man who is experiencing menstruates at age 11 years downwards is compared to them experiencing it is at the age of 13 years. Whereas menopause that is overdue and also has not married or have not borne also is risk factor. Consumption of Alcohol, smoking and consumption of drug containing estrogen hormone on a long term is a number of risk factors also. Other factor is descendant. Someone that his family contracted breasts cancer, hence she has the same risk. Gene mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 has tightly bearing with breast cancer risk, ovary or both 50-85 % percent. Because of that, suggested if there is member of family hit by breast cancer hence member of other family must do inspection with mammography.

Woman with standard risk can do mammography at the age of 40 years upward. But woman with primary risk, especially with mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2, mammography better be started at the age of 25 years. Or at the age of 5 year is more young from member of family is young having breast cancer history. For example, if the sister suffers cancer at the age of 26 year, hence its ( the sister ) ? brother with mutation BRCA1 or BRCA2 is suggested to starts inspection of mammography at the age of 21 years.

There was no method that was certain to ward off or cure cancer.

There is none that prevented absolutely. But life pattern healthy and avoids stress is one of medium to pursue spreading of cancer cell and lengthens hope age life. Many vegetable consumptions and ascorbic acid, eliminates stress, avoids cigarette and doesn’t too fat. A number of researches show consumption of fruits and vegetable can reduce breast cancer risk. The reason is, food from rich plant with antioxidant nutrient preventing damage of cells which able to cause cancer. Labors to consume very a few 5 portion of fruits or vegetable per day. Other research shows single unsaturated fat like olive can protect us from breast cancer, while saturated fat as there is in flesh and butter can increases risk. This told by David J. Hunter, MD., Director Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention in Boston.

Breast Cancer Therapy – Avoids Stres And Multiplies Consumption Of Vegetable

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