Skin Cancer Versus Your Bodies Need for Vitamin D Considered

Skin Cancer Versus Your Bodies Need for Vitamin D Considered

When sunlight hits your skin your body begins to produce vitamin D, this is very important for your body, and those who are vitamin D deficient can end up with all sorts of illnesses. Your body works better when it has sunlight, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone because humans have evolved living on the surface of the planet along with the Sun. Of course, there are those who are light-skinned and burn very easily, and this is not good for you, as it can cause skin cancer due to free radicals forming.

Some skin cancers are very dangerous and deadly, and therefore one has to decide what ratio of getting Sun is healthy, and how much sun do you actually need? If you are lighter skinned you will burn much easier, and this can be critical and serious. But if you don’t get the vitamin D you need it will be hard to maintain your health, and to remain with a positive outlook on life, as vitamin D does affect the brain, and prevent depression. Those who are depressed also can more easily attract a disease, illness, virus, or more easily attract an ailment.

Doctors obviously recommend that you wear some sort of sunscreen if you’re going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time. There are some days when there are solar flares, and even gamma radiation from space weather which can cause more free radicals quicker than on other days. Although you may not understand why this matters, it actually does. A nice warm sunny day could be a somewhat dangerous day during a big solar flare.

Completely avoiding the sun because you are afraid of getting skin cancer may be a serious mistake even if you are very fair skinned. It makes sense to talk to a dermatologist, or do a little reading of actual medical research online to determine what the best ratio and mix is for you. Some take vitamin D supplements, but they are not all the same. There is more than one type of vitamin D, and therefore it matters which type of vitamin D you are getting in your food or vitamins supplements.

If skin cancer runs in your family, or you have very fair skin, it makes sense to develop a proper strategy for yourself, all the while realizing that the sun is good for you, and the proper amount of sunlight helps not only with your circadian rhythm, but also your body’s vitamin D production. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Skin Cancer Versus Your Bodies Need for Vitamin D Considered

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