The Sun Is Not The Culprit For Causing Skin Cancers

The Sun Is Not The Culprit For Causing Skin Cancers

Overall, since the beginning of the new millennium, each year one million Americans are being diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. There are millions of sufferers now, all of whom have been made to believe that the depleting ozone has rendered sunlight dangerous. This has lead people to believe that the sun is the main culprit for their skin diseases. It is a sad and unfortunate and even harmful misconception.

Since UV radiation is actually decreasing every year and skin cancers were extremely rare 100 years ago when UV intensity was much higher and people spent much more time outdoors, what other factor could be held responsible for causing skin cancer?

If it is not the sun and not the earth that have turned hostile to life, the only other precipitating factor must lie in a changed behavior of man himself. What could this change in man be? We do know that is not a physiological or anatomical change. So, it has to be a change in our behavior, our actions.

Our skin is susceptible to damage from sunlight. But skin damage occurs only from overexposure to sunlight. There is a limit to which our skin can tolerate strong sunlight. Beyond that limit, our body signals out for respite. The obvious signs of sunburn appear. If we follow these signals and seek shelter, we eliminate chances of skin damage in a natural instinctive way. It is only by ignoring or suppressing these signals that we subject our skin to harm from overexposure.

Some of us consciously ignore the evident signs of sunburn on account of certain obligations. An appropriate example would be that of a farmer working in his fields or an athlete spending long hours on the tracks.

Yet others choose to suppress the innate indications of injury to the skin from overexposure to the sun by the use of certain suppressive applications. An apt example is that of a holiday-maker on the beach, sunbathing after applying an arbitrary amount of a sunscreen. This man, in all probability, may be unaware that the sunscreen is suppressive by nature.

Let us take the two examples of the ignorant farmer and the holiday-maker who is suppressing the body’s normal response to overexposure. Both the farmer and the holiday-maker may be overexposed to sunlight to the same extent. Yet the holiday-maker who is suppressing his natural reaction, is at a greater risk of disease. This is because he is upsetting his physiology and not allowing his body to function the way it normally should. He is creating an unnatural condition for himself by applying sunscreen which his own body has not created and cannot recognize.

We are born with a natural sunscreen in the form of the pigment melanin. Any additional interference by the use of artificial sun-blocks totally unsettles the body’s natural mechanism of coping with the overexposure to sunlight. The suppression gives wrong signals to the body which then fails to understand and reacts abnormally.

Our ancestors never applied sunscreen. What I am trying to reiterate is that, it is neither the sun nor the earth that is responsible for promoting the occurrence of skin cancer. It is man’s changing lifestyle, his desire to find artificial substitutes that actually deprive him from leading a normal, natural, healthy life.

The Sun Is Not The Culprit For Causing Skin Cancers

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