Breast Cancer Ribbons

Breast Cancer Ribbons

One of the most famous symbols of disease awareness is the red ribbon that is used to raise AIDS awareness. This symbol has been worn by various celebrities with the aim of encouraging understanding about the disease and raising funds for prevention and its eventual cure. Given the popularity of this symbol, the ribbon has also been used to increase awareness for other diseases, such as cancer. For breast cancer, the symbol that is used is the pink ribbon.

The pink ribbon

For breast cancer awareness advocates, the symbol of a pink ribbon represents hope and awareness for those affected by this terrible disease. These groups encourage people to wear this symbol and help in the efforts of raising awareness as well as much-needed funds for research.

The pink ribbon symbol has taken on many forms. It is now seen printed on various materials such as T-shirts, mugs, wristbands, and bumper stickers. In some cases, the symbol is even engraved on jewelry, the most famous of which are pink ribbon bracelets. It is also worth noting that most of the companies who sell these items contribute part of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

Other symbols

Due to the popularity of this symbol and the tremendous response it has generated, other forms of creating awareness have been initiated by various groups. Some of these include conducting Pink Ribbon Breakfasts during the month of October, which is the designated breast cancer awareness month. During these breakfasts, the issues surrounding breast cancer are discussed. The proceeds of these breakfasts go to breast cancer research.

Another form of giving support to the raising of breast cancer awareness is through illumination projects, where famous landmarks and monuments are lit pink. Most of the time, companies sponsor these.

The pink ribbon has been a recognized symbol for breast cancer awareness, and its popularity continues to grow as various groups initiate other forms of support for the cause.

Breast Cancer Ribbons

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