Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Whenever breast cancer first develops, there could be no symptoms, and sometimes the only detectable signs come when the cancer has grown to an uncontrollable size.


A method to determine if a person has breast cancer is to check for lumps. It can be difficult to verify if a lump is due to breast cancer, because a woman breast tends to feel lumpy and tender before she undergoes her monthly menstrual cycle. Experiencing pain in the breast does not necessarily mean that a person has breast cancer as well. Benign cancer cells may cause pain, but they are not life threatening. The best way to determine if there is a condition is to consult a doctor.


Signs to look for personal protection from breast cancer are: if there is a sudden change in sensation in the nipple; check for the tenderness of the nipple; if there is a sudden change in the appearance of the breast or the nipple; if the nipple turned inward into the breast; if you notice a lump on the breast or in the underarm area; if the skin on the breast, areola or nipple becomes red, scaly and swollen, and may appear to look like an orange peel; or if there are fluid discharges or bleeding in the nipple.


This is usually the first sign if a person has breast cancer. Whether it is a male or a female patient, he may experience a lump in the breast if he acquires the disease.

Having a lump is not a guarantee that a person does have cancer. 9 out of 10 patients who find lumps in their breast found out that these were benign cells, meaning they are non-lethal cancer cells. Even if the person has inverted nipples, blood stains or fluid discharge from the nipple or rashes, this can all mean other things. The best way to verify the existence of the condition is to seek professional medical opinion.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

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