The Role of the Skin Cancer Symptom Photo in Skin Cancer Detection

The Role of the Skin Cancer Symptom Photo in Skin Cancer Detection

Skin cancer can be cured, in many cases without the use of aggressive treatments which cause problematic side effects, if it is discovered in its early stages. This can be achieved if the cancer patient has taken an active role in discovering this sin disease early on, but it takes more than looking at a skin cancer symptom photo. Changes in behavior need to be promoted not only to prevent cancer of the skin but to detect it in its earliest stages, including performing skin self-examinations and getting checkups on a regular basis.

A person may benefit from seeing images of skin cancer in the sense that people often wait too long to see a doctor when they happen upon a skin irregularity without knowing that it may be a skin disease problem. Many types of skin cancer, however, closely resemble other types of skin problems, so a person may simply assume that they have cancer before visiting a doctor, and needlessly panic. Skin cancer images may give people an idea of what early warning signs to look for, but it is more important that they regularly receive medical examinations especially when they have any unanswered medical questions. People need to be able to visit a doctor regularly, and if they have this routine they can ask about any skin irregularities during their routine checkups.

While people generally receive the message that avoiding the sun and using sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer, and that tanning beds should not be used because of recent studies showing that they severely increase the risk of contracting melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, the message of early detection is generally lost. Whereas everybody knows what a breast examination is, they do not know that people need to perform regular examinations of their own skin. The first signs of cancer on the skin are visible on the skin, making skin examinations an extremely effective way to detect skin cancer when it can still be removed through a simple surgery, avoiding the need for aggressive treatment.

People can get a general idea of what cancer symptoms look like by looking at a skin cancer symptom photo, but some additional information is equally important. People should know about both melanoma and nonmelanoma cancer and their symptoms, and they should know about moles, or nevi. Irregular moles, known as dysplastic nevi, need to be watched for any changes, and a doctor should be consulted if any changes occur.

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