Vitamin D Is Not Only Essential For General Health – It Is Also The Protector For Skin Cancer!

Vitamin D Is Not Only Essential For General Health – It Is Also The Protector For Skin Cancer!

As researchers continue and are digging deeper about the benefits of vitamin D for our health in general it has become obvious that there is more ongoing research necessary to find all the benefits of this product provided by Mother – Nature. Vitamin D deficiency is not only linked to normal health but also implicated in multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, poor bone health and more.

A natural vitamin of such importance to our health was hardly known or talked about over a century ago.

Vitamin D skin cancer hope!

After discovering all the benefits of vitamin D for our health, most people are not receiving enough sun exposure to produce adequate levels of vitamin D. A lot of people simply don’t get outside much, or are not out at times of the day when sunlight can help to produce vitamin D.

Studies also have found that particularly low levels of vitamin D increased the risk of dying by 30 per cent, while other research has shown an 8 to 12 per cent reduction in deaths among people with near to normal levels of vitamin D.

A healthy diet of raw vegetables, unprocessed foods, and a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 oils will protect your skin and is a good defence against sunburn.

Researchers are working on a vitamin D-like compound to put into sunscreen and after sun lotion for the DNA damage that leads to skin cancer. This can also mean a reduction in photo aging, wrinkles and dark spots caused by too much sun exposure over a long time. Studies have found the vitamin D-like compound can help for DNA skin damage probably by more than 60 to 80 per cent.

Warning of sunscreens!

Some messages are conflicting and confusing by telling to use plenty of sunscreen when out in the sun. The common sunscreen purchased of the shelf is in many cases more damaging than the sun. Most of the commercial available sunscreens not only block your body’s ability to produce your own supply of vitamin D, they are also loaded with synthetic chemicals and toxins that can get in to your bloodstream and actually accelerate skin cancer.

Tests have shown that many sunscreens did not filter out the UVA radiation; instead it filtered out the good UVB rays and there for the body could not produce its own vitamin D.

Saver sunscreen alternatives:

The best time of the day for vitamin D level top up is midday when the sun and UVB rays are strong; this is best in a short time without getting burned. If staying in the sun for a longer time use safe sun products that contain active ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, also such natural ingredients as coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin D & E, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil etc.

Our body needs a certain amount of sun for good health. Vitamin D from the sun is a natural product of nature with many benefits. Go out in the sun but do it sensibly!

Vitamin D Is Not Only Essential For General Health – It Is Also The Protector For Skin Cancer!

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