How to Protect Our Skin From UV Radiation to Prevent the Melanoma Skin Cancer

How to Protect Our Skin From UV Radiation to Prevent the Melanoma Skin Cancer

We should learn to protect our skin conscientiously from ultraviolet radiation because an excessive sun exposure can increase the risk of getting melanoma. To protect ourselves from burning, reducing the risk of melanoma skin cancer or other skin diseases, we should use appropriate clothing, sunscreens and a gradual and responsible exposure to the sun. A natural tan can also protect us from UV light.

Use of Clothing

In the hours of the day when solar radiation is very high, we have to use protective clothing, glasses, hats, etc., because applying only sunscreen products on the skin may not protect us sufficiently.
The clothing not only acts as a barrier against UV rays, but often allows a better heat combating thanks to the thin layer of air that provides an insulation between the garment and the skin.
However, factors like the moisture, the clothes color, the clothes material, influence the transmission of UV radiation through the tissue.

A dry suit, for example, has a greater protective effect than a wet one. Light-colored clothes are known to absorb ultraviolet rays to a lesser degree than dark ones. Light colored clothes on the other hand, have a greater effect against infrared rays. Cotton has a lower protective factor (10) than silk (160) and blue jeans (1500).

These days, in the market are available some clothes with a calculated protective factor, but it can be sufficient to choose light-colored and tightly-woven ones for a greater protection effect.

Sunscreens and Sunblocks

The most commonly used remedy for not giving up the pleasure of a normal tan, are without doubt sunscreens and sunblocks. Nevertheless, no sunscreen product is able to provide the protection that can be achieved by using suitable clothing or avoiding sunlight exposure at certain hours of the day. The first sunscreens were used to protect the skin only from UVB rays because in the past UVA rays were thought to be safe. These days, modern sunscreens contain some shielding and filtering substances that protect from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Natural Tan

The tan is stimulated by UVB rays. It absorbs more than 70 percent of UV radiation, but has a lesser effect with each passing year. However, the tan can also have negative effects. In fact, when it’s intense, it can eliminate the alarm signal represented by the burning sensation, allowing the individual to be exposed to sunlight for longer periods. He will not burn, but after several years, the effects of the chronic exposure to UV rays will appear. Therefore, protection should also be performed in the presence of a natural tan.

How to Protect Our Skin From UV Radiation to Prevent the Melanoma Skin Cancer


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