What A Skin Cancer Specialist Wants You To Know

What A Skin Cancer Specialist Wants You To Know

If you have seen a skin cancer specialist, you know just how passionate these providers are about protecting the body’s most important layer of protection. It is not easy to do that. There are numerous risk factors facing most people on a daily basis. How can you be sure that your body remains protected in any type of condition? A good route to take is to follow the advice of specialists. These individuals understand the workings of this system and can help you to avoid the worst possible outcome.

How to Care for Your Body’s Most Important Organ

Ask any skin cancer specialist, and he or she will tell you a long list of steps you can take to minimize your risks. The fact is that this is not a condition brought on just by genetics, though that can be a part of the problem. Rather, most people who have this condition are often suffering from it as the result of poor care or improper exposure to the elements. In many cases, it can be prevented. Here are some things you should do to improve your health or minimize your risks.

Shade Is Critical

If you are outdoors, you need to be under the shade. Even if it is not a particularly hot day, it is a good idea to remain shaded from 10 am through 4 pm for the best possible protection. During this time, the sun’s rays are the most intense and exposure it at its highest level. You also need to take every step you can so as not to burn. Burning is the worst possible exposure most people face and can avoid.


Most of the time, you can protect yourself from the sun by using a sunscreen. These specialists recommend using a product of at least 15 SPF or higher. You should use this every day, even if you do not plan to be outdoors often or the day is cloudy. It still protects you in those situations. Reapply it every two hours.

Other Tips

Do not use tanning booths if possible. If you do plan to use them, never use UV tanning booths because of the risk involved. You should always cover up your body with clothing whenever possible. Be sure to choose a hat with a broad rim, too. Examine your body from head to toe every month. Look for any signs of change to the skin. This can be a risk factor.

What A Skin Cancer Specialist Wants You To Know

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