Walking Hats to Prevent Head Skin Cancer

Walking Hats to Prevent Head Skin Cancer

It is a great feeling to have the wind blow through your hair and have the sunshine fall on your face. Several years ago when I lived in Denver I worked for a dermatologist. The mile high city is closer to the sun than the sea level cities. I can not tell you how many ladies came in with skin cancer on the top of their heads because they were out gardening, walking, taking their kids to the park, and so forth. And of course, back then, hairspray was used by everyone. When they got head sores or a little bump on the top of their heads they would come to the dermatologist for treatment.

Men, who played golf or had outdoor jobs, experienced the same symptoms. They were surprised to learn they had skin cancer and needed treatment immediately.

Walking early in the morning or in the evening should be safe for us to get our Vitamin D from the sun without the fear of skin cancer. However, in the heat of the very hot summer months everyone needs to protect their heads. Men who are privilege to have bald heads must be aware of protecting their skin from the sun at all times. It is an easy fix. Wear a hat!

If you are out walking and you think “I think I will go an extra mile today”. I would encourage you to put in your backpack a head cover so it is there when you need it. There are many styles of walking hats and some are made to protect the back of your neck from getting sunburn. Do not put on a cotton fabric hat because your head will sweat. Look for the hats that breathe in a sports store or the sport department of your favorite store.

Walking Hats to Prevent Head Skin Cancer

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