What Are Breast Cancer Wristbands

What Are Breast Cancer Wristbands

It has become usual for people to tell the world about the causes that are close to their hearts through jewelry and various forms of accessories. What was once a colored ribbon pin has altered into other decorative yet issue-conscious touches like breast cancer wristbands. A cancer wristband raises awareness and money for the fight against breast cancer. It is one of the best new fundraisers for the said kind of cancer. It’s most likely the one you’ll see everywhere. It is typically colored pink simply because it is the most appropriate color for a wristband, symbolizing feminine strength.

More than a means to raise money and awareness, a breast cancer wristband is also an emblem of caring. Apart from being a splendid adornment, it is also economical that even kids can afford to purchase them. It only costs a few dollars. No doubt, you’ll surely be doing something of brilliant value if you get all of your friends to buy one of these wristbands.

Historically, this style of bracelet began with Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Live Strong” design that raised funds for general cancer research, and other styles quickly followed. They became popular for they are cheap, yet stylish and many give one hundred percent of the proceeds to their respective causes. For your convenience, they can now be purchased online or from any trusted retailer. More often than not, they display messages, like “Love – Hope – Faith”, “Support Breast Cancer Research and Education” and the like, embossed on them. In addition to pink, they may also come in different colors, depending on the association or charitable trust that promote them.

Just like anyone suffering from any sort of illness, women who suffer from this particular cancer, likewise need all the support they can get. The more people who wear cancer wristbands would mean that more people are aware of the disease and are willing to remember and support all those who have died due to this disease. They pay tribute to all the survivors of this disease; people who have lived through the disease and survived it should never be forgotten. Sometimes they are bought by families in order to support a member of the family who suffers from such disease. With every member supporting a breast cancer patient in a family, a great difference is made in terms of morale on the patient’s side as well as the family members’.

In general, breast cancer wristbands are beneficial in two ways, namely:

a. Wearing a breast cancer wristband is a good way to make a statement and help a worthy cause

b. Organizations raise millions of dollars every year to aid win the fight against cancer by selling these wristbands

Indeed, YOU can make a difference; YOU can help! Purchasing and wearing these wristbands imply that there are steps taken and a quest for information on the disease is there, which may favor research. Not to mention, it adds pressure on the government to provide more funds for breast cancer.

What Are Breast Cancer Wristbands

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