Learn The Causes Of Breast Cancer To Stay Away From The Disease

Learn The Causes Of Breast Cancer To Stay Away From The Disease

So far, scientists haven’t found the exact causes of breast cancer. However, they have identified some risk factors that can increase the likelihood that a person will develop this disease. Learning the causes of breast cancer is essential to help you stay away from the disease. If you think that you are at risk, you should consult your doctor immediately for examination. Here are the risk factors that you should know:

1. Gender: This is considered as the biggest risk factor of breast cancer. This disease commonly occurs in women and that’s why being a woman means that you have a higher chance of suffering from this disease.

2. Age: This cancer can happen at any age. However, it is uncommon in women younger than 35 unless they have family history of this cancer. Mostly, breast cancer occurs in women at the age of 50 and this disease is the main causes of death of women between 40-45 years old.

3. Personal history of cancer: A woman who suffered from breast cancer before has a greater chance of developing new cancer in the future. She may develop cancer in the same breast or in the other breast. The risk refers to the development of new tumor and not the return of the previous cancer.

4. Genetic Causes: Family history also plays an important role; you should check both your mother’s side and your father’s side of the family. Mother, daughter and sister are considered as the first-degree relatives and they contribute higher risk of this cancer. Meanwhile, second-degree relatives like aunt and grandmother also increase cancer risk. The risk will also be higher if you have a relative who develops this cancer in both breasts and suffers from the disease at a young age. About 5-10% breast cancer cases are caused by genetic factors but unfortunately testing for the genes is very expensive. If you are interested in testing your genes, you had better discuss with your health-care provider first.

5. Hormonal Causes: There are many types of hormonal changes that may influence the development of the disease. Women who start their periods at younger age and those who haven’t got any children before the age of 30 have higher risk of suffering from this cancer. Women in postmenopausal stage also have an increased risk of the cancer.

6. Lifestyle and Dietary Causes: Poor dietary habits and obesity are other risk factors of the disease. Women who consume alcohol also have higher chance of having this cancer. The risk will increase when someone consumes large amounts of alcohol every day.

Learn The Causes Of Breast Cancer To Stay Away From The Disease

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