Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment

Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment

One of the most feared diseases by women is breast cancer. Although it occurs mainly in women, in some rare cases it occurs in men as well. Many women are very afraid of this disease as it might cause them to lose their breasts. Even worse, it can also be deadly, like any other cancer cases. It is believed that all women have the possibility to suffer from this disease if they mistreat their body. There are, however, several things that you can do to minimize the side effects of breast cancer.

The simplest thing that you can do by yourself to detect breast cancer is by feeling your breasts. This method is called Breast Self-Examination. Usually, after you have finished your monthly period, the lump that is potential to be the cell of breast cancer is more touchable. You just have to feel your breast for any lumps. If you find one, do not panic. It is normal for you to be wary but you should keep in mind that it is somehow curable depending on how bad the cancer cell is. You can go to a doctor to for a mammogram or ultrasound procedure in order to find out if you really do have breast cancer, find out the severity of the cancer and to know what future actions you should undertake in order to cure it.

After you have done the check-up, usually your doctor will give you two options. To remove the cancer cell, you can either undergo a surgery or take chemotherapy sessions. Your doctor will most likely suggest you to take chemo. You will be advised for a surgery only if the condition of the cancer cell in your breast is too severe. Many people fear chemotherapy because of its potential side effects, such as hair loss. Even so, it is proven effective by many people in treating cancer.

Besides chemotherapy and surgery, another option is to try alternative medication. However, this treatment won’t work effectively by itself. It can be used to complement chemotherapy sessions. It is intended to minimize the side effects of chemo that most women fear of. Some of the methods of alternative medication include acupuncture therapy, taking herbal drinks like ginseng, and even healthy diet. All of these can be quite helpful to help patients cope with their chemo sessions that can be quite stressful.

In short, although breast cancer is lethal, it is curable. What matters the most is that you need to detect the symptoms as early as possible because it increases the chances for a successful treatment.

Breast Cancer Detection And Treatment

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