Skin Cancer is on the Rise – Skin Cancer Chart Graphs

Skin Cancer is on the Rise – Skin Cancer Chart Graphs

Are you at risk for developing skin cancer? Although more widely publicized than ever before, the average person seems to feel immune from the consequences of sun exposure. The skin cancer charts graphs illustrate just how prevalent this condition is and reflect the various categories of skin cancer. You can also see examples of the appearance of this condition at various stages. Although some skin cancers are small and slow growing, the most severe form, melanoma, can be deadly.

How can you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun? First and foremost, limit the amount of time that you spend in the sun and reduce exposure during the strong rays between 10 AM to 2 PM. Wear a broad brimmed hat, and apply suntan cream every hour. Even if you are cautious and apply adequate amounts of suntan cream at s a minimum of 30 SPF, it is not advisable to spend prolonged time in the sun. It is a myth to think that only fair skinned people need to be cautious of the sun’s rays. Everyone is at some risk of skin cancer especially if you neglected protecting your skin adequately in the past. The damage to your skin is cumulative so you are at increased risk for developing skin cancer from over exposure in the past.

What about tanning beds? Researchers have begun to demonstrate that tanning beds can be even more harmful than actual exposure to the sun. So it is not a good idea to think you are protected by substituting a tanning bed to acquire a sun tan.

How else can you protect yourself? Be sure to examine your skin carefully at least once a month. Look for any changes in growths on all areas of your body such as darker color pigments or enlargements of existing moles. Do not neglect areas that are not visible to you such as your back or your scalp. These are areas that frequently develop skin cancer and are areas that you may not be checking. The skin cancer charts graphs illustrate various parts of the body where skin cancer is most often detected Your face is the most most prevalent site since it has had the most exposure to the sun year round. And by the far, the best way to protect yourself from the progression of any skin cancer is to visit a dermatologist once a year especially if you have been diagnosed with any type of skin cancer in the past.

How is skin cancer treated? As with most conditions, early detection is key. The sooner that any type of skin cancer can be diagnosed by a dermatologist, the sooner that effective treatment can begin. The skin cancer charts graphs illustrate the various types of treatment which range from freezing pre-cancerous growths to full surgical procedures. It is best to seek treatment early as most types of skin cancer are very treatable with minor procedures; however, consistent and vigilant efforts to prevent skin cancer is the most effective way to be safe.

Skin Cancer is on the Rise – Skin Cancer Chart Graphs

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