Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Chances

Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Chances

A woman who has been diagnosed with cancer of the breast has a lot of things on her mind. One of the first questions that will come to her mind is about her breast cancer survival rates. From the year 1990, breast cancer mortality has dropped over 2% and as technology grows, a new line of diagnosis and treatment are popping out to help stop the number one cancer that affects women all around the globe.

Stages are a big influence to one’s breast cancer survival rates. Specialists often categorize patients with malignant tumor in the breast from stage 0 up to stage 4. Stage 0 is easily the earliest and most treated cancer in the entire world. During this stage the cancer has not really expanded to affect the major tissues of the organ. The only problem at stage 0 is that the cancer tumor it is very hard to detect. Stage one is when the tumor has grown but has not exceeded to 2 cm. One’s survival rate at this stage is at the high 80’s and low 90’s when it comes to percentage.

According to various researched conducted by the American Cancer Society, the overall survival rates for the stage where the tumor that has already spread towards the wall of the chest or the lymph nodes is at 80% chance of survival. These figures continue to grow as various medications and treatments are being devised in order to find a better way of healing cancer patients.

Another factor that may affect one’s breast cancer survival rates is age. Women who are aged below 40 and have been affected by cancer of the breast have a lower survival rate than those women who are above 40. The reason for this is some tumors that develop among younger patients grow much more aggressively than women who are older. Women who are aged 40 and up have a 7% plus ratio in cancer survival than women of the younger age.

A Pathologist is a doctor who specializes in examining tumors or cell growth under a microscope in order to determine the grade of the tumor in the breast. If the cancer cells found are close to resembling a normal breast tissue, it is described as a low-grade cancer tumor. Low grade tumors tend to spread slowly or have a slow cellular growth. A high-grade tumor is when the tissue looks very different from the normal breast tissues. This type of tumor requires intense therapy in order to stop the cancer cells from spreading.

Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Chances

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