Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer

Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a dangerous disease. It is important to get it checked as soon as you discover some of the symptoms that indicate skin cancer. However, as the experts have always said, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ You should focus on prevention skin cancer from attacking your skin. There are several ways to prevent skin cancer.

First and foremost, you should take special care to limit your exposure to Ultra Violet rays of the sun. Exposure of skin to these rays increases the risk of developing skin cancer. You must avoid going out in the sun between 11: 00 a.m. and 4: 00 p.m. If you have to go out in the sun, make sure that you take necessary precaution to protect yourself from the harmful ultra-violet rays of sun.

Apply a good sunscreen with high SPF or sun protection factor. Try to apply sun screen generously before going out in the sun. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen after every half an hour.

A lot of studies in this regard have proved that applying a good sunscreen can prevent skin cancer. Try to dress in dark colors. Also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and surrounding tissues from absorbing the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Most people are under a notion that a tanning bed can be safe option. This is a wrong notion. A tanning bed can prove to be more dangerous than exposing your skin to sun’s rays. The best method is to use a sunless tanning lotion. You can purchase it from any of the local department store. It is available in different varieties for different skin types. However, remember that a sunless tan lotion will not provide you SPF protection. You need to see the label in order to make sure that a sunless tan lotion is providing an SPF.

When it comes to skin cancer, anyone can develop skin cancer. It does not attack any particular age, race or skin type. The disease also does not spread according to a particular geographical location. However, certain skin types are more vulnerable to skin cancer as compared to others. People with fair skin, light hair and light eye color or a large number of moles or freckles are more vulnerable to skin cancer.

If some one in your family suffers from skin cancer. It is more likely that you may develop this disease.

Here are some tips to prevent skin cancer:

o Tip 1

You should know about the genetic factor such as fair skin, light-colored eyes, a lot of moles or freckles or even a tendency to develop sun burn easily.

o Tip 2

Do not spend a lot of time outdoors. If you had a serious sun burn at a certain point in your life, went to a tanning salon or used a tanning bed, you may develop skin cancer. Visit a skin specialist as a precautionary step.

o Tip 3

Always use sunscreen and lip balm when going outside. Make sure that you wear protective clothing and good quality sunglasses.

o Tip 4

Have a diet rich in antioxidants as it will support your immune system.

o Tip 5

Avoid sun tanning, tanning beds or tanning salons.

o Tip 6

Keep checking your body regularly for any moles lesions or skin irregulation.

Limit exposure to reflective surfaces such as snow, water, concrete and sand. Remember that water activities can increases exposure to reflective UV rays.

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