Steer Clear of Skin Cancer

Steer Clear of Skin Cancer

A few years back, basking under the heat of the sun is recommended for a daily dose of Vitamin D for the skin. Things have drastically changed when pollution attacked and overpowered the environment causing serious skin damages from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. What used to be safe is now considered harmful to the point of causing serious skin disorders such as cancer.

Skin cancer is characterized by the unrestrained proliferation of skin cells that are unable to divide and grow in the normal process. This group of abnormal skin cells can form into a tumor. The tumor can look differently. Some can be small in size, burnished or coarse, and red or bleeding. The sad thing is that the skin tumor can be malignant and the cancer cells can spread to the body’s tissues and organs. It is crucial then to be able to consult the physician as early as possible to get an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Better yet, it is wise to adopt a healthy skin care system that will decrease your chances of acquiring such a disease. For those who may have a history of skin cancer in the family however, it is best to conduct regular skin examinations that will facilitate early detection. One may opt to go to the doctor for a proper screening procedure. If you see some suspicious changes in your skin, you can immediately go to your dermatologist to help rule out the possibility of skin cancer.

For a more regular skin care monitoring however, you can do self-examinations while you are at home. The center of attention is the skin and its appearance. Right after taking a shower, get hold of a mirror and position yourself in front of a much larger mirror. Make sure that the room is well-lighted for you to see every bit of your skin’s details. As you explore every inch, take note of your moles, birthmarks, and other blemishes. Try to see if there are significant changes in them in terms of color, texture, or size. In case there is, do not hesitate to have it checked.

On the other hand, non-melanoma skin cancer or cancer which is caused by too much exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation can be prevented through a well-protected lifestyle. Avoiding staying under the sun for a long period is the most sensible and practical skin care solution that anybody can uphold. This is especially true when the sun is at its hottest in the midday. If sun exposure is inevitable, you should try wearing wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts, and pants.

Moreover, tanning may be fashionable but sun lamps or tanning beds can prove to be harmful to the skin in the long run. As such, if there is anything that should reach and touch your skin, it would be the skin care products that contain sunscreens with SPF levels that are higher than 15. When you are swimming outdoors or enjoying your time at the beach, apply more sunscreen lotion before and after the activity. There are a whole lot of creative skin care schemes that you can incorporate to your daily lifestyle. Do everything that you can to prevent skin cancer.

Steer Clear of Skin Cancer

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