Are There Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer?

Are There Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer?

Mention the words “breast cancer” to most people, and conversations stop. All of us have at least one or more friends or relatives who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Some of the people beat the cancer, others died from it, and conventional medicine has no good answer as to why one person lived and another person died. In the vast majority of cases, alternative treatments for breast cancer were never considered or used.

Although men can and do get breast cancer, it is mainly a condition found in women. And most women are treated with the standard conventional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately these standard treatments do not work very well on breast cancer or any other type of cancer. In fact, the overall death rate for all types of cancers has not changed since 1971, the year the “War on Cancer” went into effect. We have spent billions of dollars on cancer research since 1971, with very little return.

Even though conventional doctors tell you that chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer, they do not kill every cancer cell in the body. And in many instances these treatments also kill the patient. The reason for this is simple – chemotherapy and radiation wreak havoc on the patient’s body and destroy the immune system. And cancer is a system-wide condition that can only be totally eradicated by the patient’s immune system. Alternative treatments for breast cancer treat the whole body, not just the tumor.

It is very important to understand how we get cancer. Simply put, everyone has cancer cells in his or her body at all times. Our bodies are constantly at work replicating and replacing old cells with new cells. These new cells are formed based on the DNA structure of the old cells. If the DNA in the old cell has been damaged in some way, the new cell will also have that same damaged DNA. Our immune system has mechanisms to find and kill cells that have damaged or mutated or DNA (cancerous cells). The problem begins when the immune system has also been damaged or weakened.

If the weakened immune system is unable to kill the mutated (cancerous) cells, then they will continue to reproduce, and eventually a tumor will form. This is how breast cancer works, and also other types of cancer. A tumor is actually the body’s way of trying to wall off and contain the cancer cells as they reproduce. The tumor will get larger and larger, and eventually some of the cancer cells will escape the tumor and spread, or metastasize.

Since breast cancer occurs because of an immune system failure, alternative treatments for breast cancer (and other cancers) focus first on boosting and improving the immune system. There are many different, and very effective, alternative cancer treatments. Some are strictly based on changing the diet, others make diet changes and add in specific supplements and substances to help combat the cancer. Many of these treatments can be self-administered.

Other alternative treatments for breast cancer are administered in a clinical setting, using specialized equipment and substances. Quite often these type treatments will also include very low doses of chemotherapy if tests show that the cancer will respond to a specific chemotherapy drug. Each patient is different and each cancer is different, and alternative cancer treatment takes this into consideration. There are a few good alternative cancer clinics in the U.S., and other excellent clinics are located in Mexico and Germany.

Are There Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer?

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