Alternative Natural Treatments For Skin Cancer – Get Glowing Skin With Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Alternative Natural Treatments For Skin Cancer – Get Glowing Skin With Antioxidants and Vitamin C

Glowing skin is something we all want, some of us more than others, but everybody male or female wants to look good, so glowing skin that looks healthy and vibrant is a plus for anybody.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, protecting and nourishing is key to not only glowing radiant skin but also to your over all health. Avoiding skin cancer is a challenge today.

I’m a guy and I have been feeding my skin antioxidant rich Camu Camu Berry vitamin C serum for many many years and I have transformed the condition of my skin. The camu camu berry has the highest vitamin C content of any plant and vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

I ignored my skin for most of my younger years. Grew up in southern California at the beach, in the sun getting burned, then as a young adult I worked construction and damaged my skin further being in the sun and exposed to toxic substances. By the time I was in my mid thirties my skin did not look good. It was dried out, had premature wrinkles and I was a candidate for an early case of skin cancer.

I used to use sun block and sun screen but then discovered they were filled with toxic chemicals that are now proving to cause cancer themselves. I realized that if I wanted to preserve my skin and avoid skin problems and possibly skin cancer I needed to get a strategy going.

Coming from years of high neglect and intense weather, sun, and chemical exposure I had a big job ahead to restore the health and look of my skin. I was not really trying to look younger or even have glowing skin, I mainly just wanted to have healthy skin.

I want to say that now at 61 years old, after many years of consistent effort and attention I have all three. My skin is healthy, it glows and I look much younger than my age.

I accomplished this in large part by using natural botanical products everyday. Camu Camu Berry C serum has been the most powerful antioxidant product I use along with a moisturizer, a silica scrub to remove dead skin and Sangre de Drago (blood of the dragon) an Amazon Rainforest botanical with incredible healing and anti inflammation ability. Although the Camu C serum has some Sangre de Drago in it I add extra pure Sangre and mix it with the Camu C serum.

The Camu Vitamin C serum is by far the most important product I have found. Your skin is made up of cells and each cell needs to be nourished with nutrient rich natural organic compounds. To get glowing skin that is healthy, vibrant and stays that way as you get older, you have to supply your skin with a consistent flow of antioxidants.

My wife has also used the same products and strategy and she also has been successful, she’s a year older than me and looks like she’s 25 years younger than she actually is.

As a man I know I am part of a minority of men who pay attention and care for their skin. It’s not part of our programing in society to take care of our skin. This way of thinking can be a huge mistake. Having glowing skin that is healthy and makes you look younger will benefit you in all areas of living. It’s not just women that need to take care of their largest organ it’s true for men as well.

Organic botanically based natural products like the Camu Camu berry C serum are vital for long term skin health and to avoid skin cancer and other skin problems.

Have glowing skin that is pleasing to all who look at you is a benefit that goes a long way in life.

Alternative Natural Treatments For Skin Cancer – Get Glowing Skin With Antioxidants and Vitamin C

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