Skin Cancer Treatment – Cryosurgery

Skin Cancer Treatment – Cryosurgery

Skin cancer is one form of cancer that is often disregarded by many people. It can kill, but unique treatments exist. Cryosurgery is one of them.

There is little doubt that cancer is a scary topic for just about anyone. That being said, there are some forms of cancer which do not always sound serious, but are. Skin cancer is one. It also happens to be the most prevalent form of cancer found in the world today. Fortunately, most skin cancer is treatable if found early enough. There are a variety of methods for doing this and a unique one is cryosurgery.

When talking about cryosurgery, one probably immediately gets visions of eccentric wealthy individuals freezing their bodies to hold off death. While this is a more extreme cryo technic, it has little to do with cryosurgery for skin cancer.

Cryosurgery for skin cancer involves a unique strategy for attacking cancerous cells in the layers of skin. The basic idea is to freeze the cells. When we talk about freezing, we mean extreme freezing. Liquid nitrogen is used to essentially turn the temperature down to the point that the cells are destroyed, thus wiping out the offending cells. Currently, cryosurgery is used to treat basal and squamous cell carcinomas.

Cryosurgery is gaining in popularity with medical professionals and patients. One of the major advantages to the procedure is it is less invasive than more established approaches. It typically involves only a topical treatment or small incision in the area in question. This reduces trauma to the body and makes recovery much quicker and less painful. Sometimes, it can be done with only a local anesthesia. It can also be repeated frequently and used in combination with other treatment strategies. As you might imagine, this less invasive approach also reduces the overall cost of treatment.

There is a disadvantage associated with cryosurgery. The primary issue is there is no clear evidence of the long-term results of the surgery. While it appears effective at treating obvious cancerous cells, it is unclear if the procedure deals with all of the cells in the surrounding area. It only takes a few missed cells to lead to a recurrence of the cancer. Given this uncertainty, some health insurance companies balk at paying for the procedure.

Skin Cancer Treatment – Cryosurgery

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