How To Avoid Skin Cancer

How To Avoid Skin Cancer

Do you wonder why you have sunspots when you’ve been a fan of sunblock? Here are some tips that will make a huge difference for you, your partner and children in cancer prevention.

This article will give you a perfect picture of what you should avoid to prevent sunspots, uneven skin tone and even skin cancer.

Mistake #1: Your car will not protect you from the sun when you’re driving. As a matter of fact, it intensifies the damage caused by harmful rays because the sun bounces off your vehicle onto your face. If you’re on the freeway thinking that there’s no need to apply sun block because you’re protected, think again. You are not protected and as matter of fact you’re now a possible skin cancer victim.

What does one do to prevent the daily drive from becoming a possible target? Wear your sun block before you drive!

Mistake #2: Don’t wait to get in the sun before you apply your sun block. It should be applied 20 min before you go in the sun for maximum protection and takes 15 minutes to take effect.

Mistake #3: Do not apply sun block once daily. It only stays active for 2-3 hours. This is the main reason why people are discolored. The sun block is no longer active when they get back in their car on their afternoon drive back home.

Skin Cancer prevention takes effort and diligence. All skin types are cancer susceptible. The darker the skin, the less the sun penetrates for melanin is a natural sun block. This does not mean that you will not get skin cancer. It just will take darker skin longer to get skin cancer.

Lighter skin types with red undertones are the most susceptible so keep your sun block with you at all times. Do not leave it in direct sun. Heat breaks down product so keep it in the shade.

The last mistake that most people regret is forgetting to apply block on the upper chest. Many women come to the spa with even toned faces and spotted chests.

This is by far the biggest complaint women have. Your sun block should be applied to your face neck and chest at all times.

How To Avoid Skin Cancer

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