Breast Cancer Treatment – Cause and Cure

Breast Cancer Treatment – Cause and Cure

According to GLOBOCAN, an estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million deaths occurred in 2008. The most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide are lung (1.61 million, 12.7% of the total), breast cancer (1.38 million, 10.9%) and colorectal cancers (1.23 million, 9.7%).

Breast Cancer Treatment in the mainstream medicine consists of three choices:

1) Chemotherapy

2) Surgery

3) Radiation Non of them can cure the underlying cause of breast cancer. All three mainstream treatments share the same intention – to “kill or cut”. The allopathic approach ‘there is a symptom and it must be eliminated’ does not solve the problem and is not based on any scientific evidence for successful breast cancer treatment.

The metastasis theory proposes that cancer cells break off of a primary tumor, travel through the bloodstream and lymph system, and randomly attach to other organs, where they cause a second cancerous growth. The process is believed to be uncontrolled, with mutated, “malignant”, and rogue cells acting on their own, against the normal order and intelligence of the body.

“How cancer cells become metastatic still remains a mystery” Yale University

New breast cancer treatment must be watched and understood in a holistic way, considering the whole body, mind and spirit as unity. On the physical level it is obvious that there must be an imbalance present to cause any kind of organic problem. On the mental – emotional level is a conflict always the main cause for emotional distress. To be receptacle to any form of disease our biological energy levels in the meridian system must be low or extremely low.

Emotional stress (shock, conflict) is lowering the biological energy in the entire meridian system immediately and can disturb the pH balance in the body, which will have an effect on the physical level. Breast cancer is always the result of an unexpected conflict or shock with tremendous impact. Is the woman right handed and there was a child conflict present – cancer will develop in the left breast, was it a partner conflict the cancer will be in the right breast and vice versa if the person is left handed. To develop more cells rapidly in the breast is just a natural reaction of the body to that conflict and it is a sign that the person is already in the healing phase.

It is more than ridiculous to kill or cut out this natural solution of the body to the conflict. It will do more harm than good. To be able to solve the problem with a holistically oriented breast cancer treatment we consider four main issues to be solved.

1) Work on the conflict-shock situation to overcome it.

2) Increase the meridian energy level on a daily basis ( pulsating energy resonance therapy )

3) Complete detoxification (MMS) and balancing of the pH level

4) Change of nutrition and emotional behavior – (let go therapy)

All four components can be successfully accomplished from home. They have no side effects, work completely natural and guarantee 100% remission in breast cancer therapy.

Breast Cancer Treatment – Cause and Cure

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