Risk Factors of Breast Cancer That Every Woman Should Know

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer That Every Woman Should Know

These days, it is very common to hear that a lot of women around the world are developing breast cancer. There are email alerts that are being circulated warning women what to do and what not to do to avoid getting into this problem. There are also columns in newspapers and journals especially dedicated to these issues, and then there are many websites as well especially for breast cancer tips. All this clearly indicates that this a serious issue which is soon spreading all over the world, and this brings out the need for greater circulation of knowledge and an increase in awareness among people, so that more and more women can know how to protect themselves.

In our daily life, we often do some common mistakes, which on the face of it seem like normal and harmless activities to us, but before we know it, they become causes of breast cancer. Thus, it is important for each woman to know some risk factors of breast cancer which she needs to avoid for her safety and health.

First and foremost, you must definitely find out if any of your immediate or distant relatives have ever developed breast cancer. In case you have an immediate female family member, such as your sister or mother who has had this problem, then chances of you developing the same are quite high. For that matter, men too can often develop this problem, and in case you have had any immediate or distant male family member with this problem, then again it is good to have yourself checked from time to time.

An early menstruation, such as in cases where the menstruation period begins before the age of 12, is also a risk when it comes to breast cancer. Those women who have not had any pregnancy, or have had kids after the age of 35 too also have chances of developing this form of cancer. Also, for those women whose menopause begins late, that is after the age of 55, there is again a big risk.

Earlier cases of having breast biopsy also increase a woman’s chances a lot when it comes to the development of breast cancer. Then there are other things to keep in mind, such as too much of consumption of alcohol, which has been increasingly linked with the causes of breast cancer. Having immediate or distant family members with other forms of cancer as well, such as those of ovaries or cervix etc. is also not a good sign, and is counted as a potential risk factor for the development of breast cancer.

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer That Every Woman Should Know

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