How to Diagnose Breast Cancer Early

How to Diagnose Breast Cancer Early

Three quarters of patients with breast cancer not on factors that put them at increased risks for breast cancer, indicating that all risk factors appear well understood. Therefore, doctors have recommended that every woman must have a breast examination every year for a health care professional and should perform monthly self-examination have. A woman discovered a lump in your breast; you should inform your doctor immediately.

However, a lump in the women breasts is not a sign of cancer. Each breast is lumpy to some degree there is inflammation just before menstruation, breast enlargement, of course. In addition, some breast disease produces tumors, which can be confused with cancer. This non-cancerous growth includes cysts that are a thickening of breast tissue, milk is produced.

X-ray examination on breasts, this technique can increase the chances of success recognized in the treatment of tumors at an early stage before they are old enough to be felt. Although studies produced conflicting results on the effectiveness of this x-ray examination to reduce breast cancer risk and deaths, the ACS has recommended that women over 40 should have a mammogram check every year. However, mammogram is unable to distinguish a benign from malignant tumors. The only way to make a correct diagnosis in the lymph suspect in the chest is a biopsy, a small operation that is part of the body or the tumor is removed and examined under the microscope to detect cancer cells in the humans’ bodies.

If cancer is identified in the breasts, doctors try to determine if the malignant cells of the breast and the surrounding tissue, the serious and often fatal complications caused by metastases. The most common sites of metastases in patients with breast cancer are the lymph nodes under the arm. The absence or presence of cancer cells in lymph nodes help physicians to determine the extent to which cancer has progressed. Doctors remove several lymph nodes under the arm, to determine if cancer cells. This surgical procedure can result found lymph edema, it is a painful inflammation of the arm to fluid accumulation and a woman with an increased risk of infection. There is a new procedure called the sentinel lymph node biopsy, doctors use a less risky method to identify and remove a sentinel lymph node, a single ganglion cell cancer in the first trip. If the sentinel nodes contain the cancer cells, cancer has not spread across the chest and the women are saved more extensive surgery.

How to Diagnose Breast Cancer Early

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