Soy and Breast Cancer – A Suggestion to This Confused Relationship

Soy and Breast Cancer – A Suggestion to This Confused Relationship

Breast cancer is now an issue that had been raised by a lot of women all over the world. This type of cancer had killed millions of women nationwide and up to now studies are being conducted to know how to prevent and cure the cause of this cancer cell. Thus, with these studies there are a lot of misconceptions and foods that are connected to this type of cancer, and Soy and Breast Cancer are always been linked.

The Food That Might Cause or Cure Cancer

Soybean or Soya beans originated from East Asia under the species called Legume that is a plant that can be classified as oilseed and not a pulse. Soybean is very important to the daily lives of people especially those who are vegetarian since Tofu is a good alternative for red meat. Soy milk is an alternative for the dairy products such as milk. Soybeans can also give more protein in your body more than any other vegetables. It is sad to say that with all the benefits from soybeans people always tend to associate soy that is giving a bad impact on breast cancer.

The Start of the Soy Concept

There are a lot of questions raised with regards to soy. Some people ask if women who survived breast cancer should start avoiding eating tofu and other soy products. Also, is it true that if a person wants to stay away from this cancer they should avoid drinking soy powdered milk? The concept about soy and how they can promote cancer is very confusing and still no concrete answer to this question. Thus, the relevancy of soy to breast cancer is will connected with estrogen that acts like a stimulant that can be a receptors of breast cancer cells that can make them grow. There is always a potential if you eat a lot of soy products when you have cancer, and this is why most doctors will advice women who are undergoing breast cancer to avoid eating soy products. In contrary, some say that soy is not harmful. It can actually protect women from cancer because of its component isoflavones that can give a good strength in your body system. Soy products in considered as of the healthiest food due the protein content that will make your body strong and can build your muscle tissues.


For breast cancer patients, the soy intakes should not be worried too much. There is no need to eat much more or much less soy products, and just following the normal diet plan and advices from doctors as usual. Here is the suggestion for healthy soy intakes: eating about 15g of soy protein and 50mg of isoflavones a day is considered as safe and positive for health, and this amount of soy isoflavones and proteins can be provided by around 2 servings of normal soy products.

Soy and Breast Cancer – A Suggestion to This Confused Relationship

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