Ways to Detect Breast Cancer Before It’s Too Late

Ways to Detect Breast Cancer Before It’s Too Late

Breast cancer, also known as malignant breast neoplasm, occurs at the breast tissue of human beings. Survival rate usually depends on the stages of the cancer. It is divided into 4 stages which includes stage 0, also known as the marker stage, stage 1 which is the “curable stage” depending on the severity of the cancer and finally the fourth stage which is known as the metastatic/ not curable stage.

Detecting Breast Cancer

1)The easiest way to detect breast cancer is to have a “feel” of the breasts. If there is a lumpy feeling on the breast, further medical attention is required as the lump may be malignant.This is the most common way of detecting cancer in its early stages as more than 50% of those who have breast cancer have detected them through self examination by “feeling” their breasts. Though not all Lumps detected may be malignant but it is advisable to consult a medical doctor to obtain diagnosis.

2)Consult your general practitioner for a breast examination as it is important to detect the cancer in its earliest stage where it is still curable. Breast exams such as mammography, ultra sound and MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging) screening are examples of tests conducted to detect any abnormal lumps in the breasts.

3)If you appear to have lumps on your breasts, do not panic, please do visit your general practitioner for further information about the nature of the lumps. It is always important to detect the cancer at its earlier stages than latter as it may affect your health and those around you.

Ways to Detect Breast Cancer Before It’s Too Late

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