Ways of Preventing Skin Cancer

Ways of Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is among the few cancers whose incidence is on the rise in the US. With over two million people being diagnosed for skin cancer every year in the US; it is one of the most expensive diseases, accounting for an annual expense of $2 billion on the national economy.

Which Americans are more likely to get skin cancers?

White Americans of European descent, who make up a heavy chunk of the American population, seem to be particularly prone to skin cancer. The fact that the vast majority of Americans diagnosed with cancer of skin belong to this racial group although Americans of all other ancestries – who live in the same conditions -are much less inclined to get affected is testimony to this fact.

How severe is the problem?

Skin cancers are growing at a very high rate in the US. In 75 years since the great depression, the rate at which an American can get affected by cancer has gone up by about 3000 percent. It takes the life of an American every 60 minutes. As much as 20 percent of the entire American population is likely to develop skin cancer during the course of their life. This makes it a disease with an extremely high rate of incidence.

Causes and prevention

Unlike in the case of some diseases; no identifiable cause can be ascribed to skin cancer. One can take a general look at the common factors that people with this ailment had and arrive at some kind of speculative preventive steps. One common factor that the most common group to be affected seems to be exposure to sun and the use of tanning beds.

Protective aids

The sun emits several kinds of rays, but the ones affecting the population most vulnerable to cancer of skin are UVA and UVB rays. If white Americans of European origin can protect themselves from these kinds of rays; they have good chances of protecting themselves against the cancer.

They can use products like sunscreen lotions, sunglasses and wide-rim panama hats that prevent sunlight from falling on the scalp and the ears. They can also refrain from getting into the hot sun during peak hours, which will increase their chances of getting exposed to the number one cause.

Ways of Preventing Skin Cancer

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