Is Breast Cancer a Cancerous Tumor?

Is Breast Cancer a Cancerous Tumor?

Breast cancer is a cancerous tumor that begins with abnormal cells in the breast. It is a type of cancer that is commonly associated with women, although men can also develop it. The most prevalent type of breast cancer is ductal cancer, where cancer cells form in the lining of the ducts that transport milk to the nipple. Other forms begin in the lobules (glands) or other tissue. Initial signs of breast cancer are small lumps or tenderness. If these lumps are found under the arm near the lymph nodes, there is a higher chance that the cancer has spread.

There are primarily two types of breast cancer, which are either in situ or invasive. In situ means that it is a noninvasive cancer that has not broken through tissue and thus spread to other areas. Invasive however, is marked by its invasion of other breast tissue and the ease with which it can metastasize to other parts of the body. Invasive cancer is also known as infiltrating cancer. Most cancers in the breast are carcinomas, meaning they start in the lining of an organ. An invasive carcinoma has broken out of the original layer of cells from which it started.

In terms of diagnosing breast cancer, statistics show that routine screening and increased awareness of cancer facts are the two main factors in catching the cancer early and thus increasing the survival rate.

Doctors recommend that women over 40 have a mammogram every year. Women aged 20 to 39 should have a clinical breast exam at least every three years. Starting at age 20, women should conduct breast self-exams to look for changes in feel or appearance. Since there are few breast cancer signs other than a change in look or feel, early diagnosis relies on good screening.

Advancements in cancer treatment allowed today’s women more choices in terms of treating breast cancer. Treatment may be localized through surgery or radiation, or maybe systemic as with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and adjuvant or neoadjuvant therapy.

While many advancements have been made in terms of surgical interventions, many women often have to make the choice for surgery. Whereas years ago women would have had no choice but to have a full mastectomy, today women can choose instead to have a lumpectomy so as to salvage as much of the breast as possible. There are also natural treatments that can be used as complementary or alternative treatments.

Is Breast Cancer a Cancerous Tumor?

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